DoorDash Update

Good news! Automatic synchronization with your Doordash account has been fixed.

Last updated at 2pm on August 23rd

Our engineers have worked with our partners to fix the issue that was impacting your ability to regularly sync your Doordash work data.

What does this mean for me? You can now use the Solo app as normal. Your Doordash income, mileage and projected tax data will update automatically approximately every 48 hours.

Thanks for your patience!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have I lost my DoorDash data during the outage?

Nope! There has been no loss of past income or job data. We have backfilled all of your past Doordash information from the impacted period.

What if I manually tracked my income during the outage?

We are backfilling all income data for the impacted period. If you manually input Doordash income for a particular day we will replace that manual income with the updated information.

Will Doordash be part of the Pay Guarantee Program again?

Yes! Starting Monday, August 29th Doordash schedulers will again be eligible for the Pay Guarantee program (where available)! Keep an eye on your email for more details.

Were other job platforms impacted?

Nope! All other job platforms are working as normal.