2023 Taxes

Free, easy filing for any tax situation.

Everything you need to file your taxes is at your fingertips with Solo! Let us make taxes less taxing—we've partnered with Column Tax so you can file your taxes directly from the Solo app.

You'll have all your information in one place to maximize your deductions and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Why file with Solo?

 Easy to use with pre-filled tax forms
 FREE for Pro and Pro Plus Subscribers
 Flat fee for Basic subscribers and free plan members
 No upsells
 Includes both Federal and State
 Accuracy guarantee

Column Tax
Pro/Pro Plus Subscribers
Federal + State included
No hidden fees
Basic Subscribers
Federal + State included
40% off regular price
Non Subscribers
Federal + State included

Disclaimer: Solo cannot provide you tax advice. If you have any questions about your own taxes, please reach out to Column Tax at support@columntax.com or consult a tax professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?
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Pro and Pro Plus subscribers can file taxes for FREE.

For all other members, we’ll charge a low flat rate to complete your tax filling:
✦  Basic Subscriber pricing: $30.00
✦  Free plan member pricing: $50.00

Please note that if you upgrade your subscription after starting your tax return, you will be charged your original filing fee at the time of filing. Solo will issue refunds to cover the difference between your original filing fee and your newly discounted filing fee following a subscription upgrade.
Who is Column Tax?
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We've partnered with a certified tax partner, Column Tax, that utilizes software to help you organize your return, maximize your deductions, and submit your taxes. Find more about Column Tax here.
How does this work?
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1. Once tax filing is available, you can begin filing in the Solo app

2. Once you hit “Start file” in the Solo app you will be sent a welcome package that includes your 2023 income, mileage, and expense information that you’ve been tracking with Solo for easy filing. You will also be sent a link to file in a web browser if you prefer.
Note that your filing fee is locked at the time you click "Start filing," but if you upgrade your plan before submitting your return, we'll refund you the difference between your original filing fee and your new discounted rate.

3. We'll do the heavy lifting by importing any deductible expenses you tracked in the Solo app and will pre-fill your tax forms to help you file with ease. Review your pre-filled tax forms start answering questions about your personal tax details to complete your return.

5. Prep & upload your supporting documents

6. Reach out to Column's support team with any questions

7. Review and File

8. Pay your flat rate filing fee in the app or web browser. If you're owed a discount for upgrading your plan, refunds will be issued to your Solo wallet within 5-7 business days following your submission.

9. Column Tax will send you an email with your submission status and any next steps if necessary.
What if I have other income (W-2 or 1099) besides my app based work?
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No problem! We can handle any tax situation.

Our in-app tax filing experience will help you identify your income sources in 2023 and make sure they're included in your tax filing.
What if I need to file state taxes? Can you help me with that?
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Yes. Our flat rate filing fee includes filing both federal and state income taxes—no upsells or added charges.
Will this be an e-filing?
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Yes! Once all your tax information is uploaded and you’re ready to submit, Column Tax will e-file your return and let you know your submission status.
What if I have questions?
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No problem! Column's awesome support team is ready to answer your tax related questions at support@columntax.com.
What happens if I get audited?
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If you get audited, Column Tax will help you answer questions from the IRS or any relevant taxing authority.