What we're building


Flexible work is volatile

We've had the opportunity to speak with thousands of workers over our decade of experience in the gig economy. Each person has their own story for why they're pursuing this dynamic style of work. While the stories are different, the themes are almost always the same; the flexibility is awesome, but the unpredictability is frustrating and anxiety inducing.

You face tougher decisions around your work every day than the average worker - when, where and what job should you work on any given day of the week? Information and data is sparse for workers - and when you can't count on what you'll be paid or finding the resources you need, it makes planning your professional life nearly impossible.


A platform that puts you in the drivers seat

We're setting out to rethink this space with a worker first mentality. We want to provide you with the information, resources and tools to achieve professional stability while maintaining the flexibility you enjoy. Ever wonder what others make in your city? When peak times are for different jobs? Whether you qualify for certain jobs?

You should have the ability to manage your earnings goals across multiple jobs, understand peak pay rates in your city and move more seamlessly between the jobs that fit your schedule. This information should be easy, automated and accessible to you in one place. That's why we created the Solo platform.


Greater professional stability for you,
the Solopreneur

We believe that the more information you have, the better decisions you'll be able to make with your time.

This transparency of information will help you earn more consistently and in less time; bringing greater stability to your professional life. Together, we can start to take the guesswork out of gig work and eventually tackle some of the other important problems (like taxes, benefits and insurance) that you face everyday. We hope you join us in building the Solo community.