Smart Schedule & Pay Guarantee

Without transparent, market wide earnings information it can make your decision of where and when to work extremely difficult. We're here to give you all the information you need to see what jobs are paying the most in real time and make it easy to plan your schedule to hit your earnings goal faster—guaranteed.
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Optimize your time and make more

Smart Schedule shows you the best jobs to work at any hour of the day in your city. Our users that optimize their schedules with can earn up to 40% more per hour! We use millions of data points in your city to show you what you can expect to take home whether you’re working 2 hours or 10.


Guarantee your daily pay

Thousands of workers across the country have now optimized and guaranteed more than $10 million dollars of earnings with Solo. Use credits to Guarantee the hours you work and take the anxiety out of day-to-day gig work.

What happens if you make more than we predict? It's all yours.


Manage your schedule

See all of the hours you’ve scheduled for each day, recommendations for the highest paying jobs that day, the schedule you’ve set, and your predicted earnings—all in one page for easy management across apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solo Pay Guarantee Program?
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The Pay Guarantee program provides a daily income guarantee to users who use Solo's Smart Schedule to plan their app based on their app based work schedule. If you earn less than what Solo predicted on a daily basis, we will pay you the difference at the end of the week. Solopreneurs can guarantee their daily pay using Solo's credit system.
What do I need to qualify for the Pay Guarantee Program?
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1. Head to the Apple or Google Play store and download the app.

2. Follow the prompts to create an account.

3. Link your corresponding "app based" or "gig work" accounts (i.e. Uber, Lyft, Doordash, etc.) and maintain that connection when participating in the Solo Pay Guarantee Program.

4. Opt in and keep Solo's location tracking feature on while working the schedule time blocks and keep the app on in the background.

5. Use the Solo Pay Prediction feature to add hourly work blocks and save your schedule.

6. Be online, accepting the majority of requests and completing (according to the Terms and Conditions of the gig company) the corresponding jobs on those selected gig company accounts during the hours scheduled via the Solo Pay Prediction feature. See the map above for the list of cities this feature is available in.

7. Average at least one job for the hours scheduled/guaranteed (jobs are defined as trips, deliveries, orders or other earnings activities) and be online/working the majority of the hour (depending on job platform).

8. Link a payment methode (Venmo or Paypal) via the Solo app to facilitate the pay out of any applicable reimbursement.
Why do I need to set my schedule?
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The Smart Schedule tool shows you the optimal earnings schedule for your day. Saving your selected job schedule allows us to know which job you plan to work (and the corresponding predicted earnings to attribute to your daily pay guarantee.)
Does this cost anything?
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Pro Plan users have unlimited access to the Smart Schedule in their city. Pro Plan users also receive 10 free credits (one credit = one hour of work) to guarantee their pay each month as a part of their subscription. To guarantee more than 10 hours, you can purchase additional credits for $.50. If you purchase credits in bulk, you can save up to 25%. You can also find more information in our recent blog post or on our pricing page.
Where does this data come from and how do you predict hourly earnings?
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We are able to provide earnings predictions for major gig jobs across each hour and day of the week by using collective data and insights from the Solo community. This real, community based data informs Solo's predictive algorithm, which shows your predicted earnings by job and hour. Your anonymized work information contributes to the community insights; however, your personal information is never available to anyone else.
Why are you offering this?
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Our overarching goal is to provide income stability for workers in the gig space by eliminating the downside risk associated with flexible work and variable pay. We believe this can be accomplished by providing you with better earnings data that solves the problem of where, when and what job you should work to hit your income goals. We want to help you, and others, stabilize earnings and optimize your time.
How are payouts calculated
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Payouts are calculated by taking the difference between your total daily guaranteed value that you've saved in the Solo app and your actual earned income. If you work the full hour, completing at least one trip per hour, and are driving within the coverage zone, you would be eligible for the full value of the daily guarantee. Please note that Solo does not use online time to calculate time worked—Solo uses your actual time worked plus buffers for waiting in between trips to calculate your time worked within a Pay guarantee hour.

For example, if you guarantee an income floor of $10 over four hours within one day, and you earn a total of $35 while following the requirements listed in-app, you would be owed $5. If you earned $45, you would not be owed a payout—you keep the upside!
When do I get paid?
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Payouts occur once weekly. While your earnings are assured on a daily basis, you will be able to access any accrued amounts for the prior week (Monday to Sunday) on the following Tuesday. For example, if you earn five dollars less than Solo's predictions for each of the three days you schedule and work in a given week, you will accrue a daily amount of $15 for the week.  Payouts will occur on Tuesdays during the day.
What if I have questions or feedback?
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Great—we're happy to help.  Feedback is important and we are always seeing to improve our service. Please reach out to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.