Driving for GoPuff can be an excellent opportunity if you're looking to dive into the gig economy with a service that offers both convenience and efficiency to its drivers and customers. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get started, what to expect, and how to make the most out of driving for GoPuff.

What is GoPuff?

GoPuff is a delivery service that primarily focuses on delivering convenience store items directly to customers' doors. Unlike traditional delivery services that pick up items from various retail locations, GoPuff drivers collect orders from centralized distribution centers, or "micro-fulfillment centers," stocked with a wide range of products. This model reduces wait times and travel distances, allowing drivers to complete deliveries quickly and efficiently.

How to Become a GoPuff Driver

To drive for GoPuff, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and auto insurance.
  • Own a reliable vehicle suitable for making deliveries.
  • Pass a background check, ensuring safety and reliability.

Signing up to be a GoPuff driver is straightforward. You begin by submitting an application through the GoPuff driver app or website, where you will provide some basic information and documentation to meet the above requirements.

The Benefits of Driving for GoPuff

Driving for GoPuff offers several advantages:

  • Consolidated Pickups: All pickups are done from a single location, which reduces the time spent driving to various stores.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose when you want to work based on your personal schedule, with the ability to pick shifts that suit your availability.
  • Attractive Earnings: GoPuff provides a base pay plus the opportunity to earn more through tips and high-demand times.

GoPuff Pay Details

  • Base Pay: GoPuff offers a competitive base pay that varies by location and demand.
  • Tips: Drivers keep 100% of the tips they earn.
  • Bonuses: Occasional bonuses and incentives are available during peak hours or for meeting certain delivery quotas.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings as a GoPuff driver:

  • Work During Peak Hours: Align your shifts during busy times, such as evenings and weekends, to increase your delivery opportunities.
  • Provide Excellent Service: Ensuring a quick and friendly delivery experience can lead to higher tips and repeat customers.
  • Track Expenses and Mileage: Use tools like Solo to track your earnings and expenses effectively, ensuring you understand your financial performance and can plan better for tax deductions.

Why Use Solo with GoPuff?

Solo enhances your GoPuff driving experience by providing powerful tools designed for gig workers:

  • Advanced Mileage Tracking: Automatically track your mileage for each shift, essential for maximizing your tax deductions.
  • Earnings Optimization: Get detailed insights into your earnings and see how your GoPuff income stacks up against your other gig activities.
  • Expense Management: Keep track of your operational costs, like fuel and vehicle maintenance, to see your true net earnings.


Driving for GoPuff is not just about making deliveries; it's about making smart choices that maximize your earnings. By leveraging the flexibility and efficiency of GoPuff and using Solo’s comprehensive tracking and management tools, you can ensure that every mile and every delivery counts towards building a more profitable gig driving career.

Want more information about how much GoPuff drivers are making in your city? Click here to download the Solo app and start your 7-day free trial to access hourly level earnings data for GoPuff drivers in your area. You can also learn more about GoPuff’s driver pay rates using Solo’s Pay Insights tool on our website.