From the Space Center to the Alamo—Solo’s Smart Schedule and Pay Guarantee is now available in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio Texas as of May 16! There’s an estimated 400k app-based workers in those four cities alone who currently average $18/hr or $300/week. That’s not enough. At Solo, we’re committed to helping Texas Solopreneurs embrace the professional flexibility they love while automating the administrative pieces of their micro business and optimizing their work schedule to make 20% more on average.

This isn’t our first rodeo either, with Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio launched we have now brought our unique proprietary software to tens of thousands of gig workers in a total of ten cities. Giving these workers the tools, insights, and transparency in the Solo app by using market data helps them work the right job at the right time that will pay them the most—guaranteed.

Map of current cities where Solo's Smart Schedule and Pay Guarantee are available

So how does Solo’s Pay Guarantee work?

We created our Pay Guarantee program to address both income instability as well as help you earn more by working peak pay periods. Our customized in-app schedule optimizer shows you how much you’ll earn across each job you have linked to the Solo app so you can make the most of your time and optimize your schedule. We see workers 20% more on average or $90 more per week on top of saving an average of $1500 or more a year in tax deductions! For the average worker, that’s ~$5,000 more a year that they take home as a result of using Solo’s automated business and Smart Schedule features.

So how do we produce our earnings predictions?  We use aggregated, historical data directly from Texas gig workers, that provide the estimated earnings per hour you see in the app. However, what’s happened in the past isn’t always indicative of the future, so our formula adjusts and accounts for anticipated and real-time events that could impact the estimated earnings amounts. This way, you get both the consistency of historical trends and adjustments to reflect the reality of the moment. As long as you turn your mileage tracker on while working and schedule your hours in the app, we make sure your daily pay meets or exceeds our predictions and if it doesn’t, we pay the difference! So whether you are picking up a tourist from the Alamo, or delivering someone’s groceries from H-E-B, you can ride easy knowing that your payment is guaranteed. 

What else can Solo do?

Income Management: The app provides additional insights that show you how much you earn from each job including a breakdown of tips and incentives plus how much you’ve earned through Solo’s Pay Guarantee. 

Expense & Mileage Tracker: This feature allows you to automatically track your miles so you can maximize your tax deductions. Plus, the app will match your location with your working time so that you don’t need to manually switch the tracking on and off.

Tax Projections: We provide an estimate of what your tax liability may be based on income and expenses you track through the Solo app. Since Solopreneurs are responsible for tracking their own taxes, this feature makes it easy for you to both maximize your deductions and prepare for tax time. Please note that this is only for income & expenses tracked through the Solo app and your final tax due may depend on other factors not tracked by Solo.

How do I join Solo? 

Download the free Solo App from the Apple or Google Play stores to track your income, mileage, project your taxes, schedule smarter, and guarantee your pay! We're ready to reimagine gig work in Texas and can’t wait to do the same for more cities. Want Solo’s Pay Guarantee in your city? Download the app and get your local gig work community to do the same—we prioritize cities with a high number of users for our Pay Guarantee rollout!