You asked - we listened. After talking with hundreds of app based workers here in Seattle and around the country, we heard your ideas & requests to both upgrade and expand Solo’s features. Today, we announce the release of Solo’s mobile app in both the Apple & Google Play stores , giving workers the ability to track income, mileage, taxes and guarantee their pay directly from their phone.

Manage All Your Gig Work in One App

From the beginning, Solo’s mission has been to help the millions of app based workers tackle the lack of stability in the gig economy by providing them with tools, data and resources to manage their business of one. With the new app release, Solo is making it easier than ever for gig workers to enjoy the flexibility of being their own boss.  “After years of working with gig workers and seeing firsthand how difficult it can be to manage their various gigs, we created a Business in a Box that will streamline everything they need into one app,” said Bryce Bennett, Solo CEO and co-founder. “We’re excited to share some new features in the app such as the Expense and Mileage tracker as well as Tax projections.”

What’s new?

Solo’s new app and expanded features will allow Solopreneurs to access the ‘Business in a Box’ they need to manage their 1099 income, expenses and taxes in one place as well as predict and guarantee their daily income. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Expense & Mileage Tracker [NEW] -  This feature allows you to automatically track your miles so you can maximize your tax deductions. Plus, the app will match your location with your working time so that you don’t need to manually switch the tracking on and off. Make sure you turn on your location services when downloading the Solo app to enable this feature.
  • Tax Projections [NEW] - The app provides an estimate of what your tax liability may be based on income and expenses you track through the Solo app. Since Solopreneurs are responsible for tracking their own tax responsibilities, this feature makes it easy for you to both maximize your deductions and prepare for tax time. Please note that this is only for income & expenses tracked through the Solo app and your final tax due may depend on other factors not tracked by Solo.
  • Income Management [UPGRADED] - The app now provides additional insights that show you how much you earn from each job including a breakdown of tips and incentives and how much you’ve earned through Solo’s Pay Guarantee. 
  • Pay Predictions & Income Guarantee [UPGRADED] - The new interface is easier and faster to use, allowing you the ability to quickly schedule the highest paying jobs by garnering real-time insights on whether the job selected is above or below market rate and what other gigs are paying for a given hour. 

Where is Solo Available?

Solo’s mobile app is currently available in the Seattle metro area and the service already supports thousands of workers in the ridesharing, food, grocery and parcel delivery space. Workers are earning up to 40% more when they optimize their schedule using Solo’s pay predictions that are guaranteed. We’ll be eyeing rapid expansion early in 2022.