Thousands of workers across the country have now optimized and guaranteed more than $6 million dollars of earnings with Solo. They’re using our Smart Schedule to not only pick the best job to work at any hour of the day in their city (making 20% more on average!) but also guarantee their daily pay; taking the anxiety out of day-to-day gig work. Solo’s revamped Smart Schedule uses millions of data points in your city to show you what you can expect to take home whether you’re working 2 hours or 10. What happens if you make more than we predict? It’s all yours.

After 10 cities, hundreds of thousands of hours optimized, and millions guaranteed, we’re rolling out changes to your favorite Solo feature! Check out all of the improvements and changes below so that you can get the most out of your day, guaranteed!

What’s changing with the Smart Schedule?

We’ve revamped Solo’s one-of-a-kind Smart Schedule to be faster and easier to use. The updated design helps you continue to see the best job to work and how much Solo expects you to earn in that hour. You can access your schedule options using the “Jobs” tab at the top of the Smart Schedule section.

See the best job at each hour of the day to build your optimal work schedule

When a job is expected to be one of the top paying jobs in your city you’ll see that fire emoji and green bar fill up to let you know you’re making the most with your time. You can also filter your jobs by the highest paying or specific platforms that you have access to if you prefer a certain kind of work over another.

Curious what other jobs pay? Check out all the gigs available in your city and their predicted earnings.

Thinking about adding to your job portfolio? Click the “View All” button on the left hand side of the hour tab to see how that job compares to all the available gig jobs available in your city. 

The one thing not changing? You’ll still be able to schedule your optimal work to help you earn the most with your time. Workers who use and follow their Smart Schedule earn 20% more on average or an additional $90/week in some cities!

Manage your weekly schedule from one command center

One of the most common pieces of feedback from users was the need for a better way to manage your schedule over multiple days. That’s why we’ve now given the Smart Schedule a new homepage that shows you a condensed view of the hours you’ve scheduled for each day this week. You can access this page via the “My Schedule” tab at the top of the Smart Schedule section. 


Here, you’ll see recommendations for the highest paying jobs that day, the schedule you’ve set, and your predicted earnings. A couple of new additions you’ll notice is the “Guarantee Now” button and the credits tab in the upper right hand corner of the calendar. When guaranteeing your daily pay, these new features are important to understand. Let’s dig in on how to use them in the next section.

Guarantee your pay with Solo’s credit system

One new thing you’ll notice about using Solo’s Smart Schedule feature is how you guarantee your daily pay. We’ve separated what used to be one process into two so that you have options as to how to use the Smart Schedule feature.

On Solo’s Pro Plan (and those in your 14-day free access period), you will still see your optimal hourly and daily schedule. You can create and manage your daily schedule using the features above.

Now, to guarantee the pay of your optimal work schedule, you’ll be able to use credits to lock in your daily amount. These credits (that you can find in the right corner of your calendar section) can be used for every hour of guaranteed pay. Planning to schedule and work 3 hours in a day? That’s 3 credits. 10 hours? That’s 10 credits. 

Solo Pro plan users will receive 10 free credits every month to guarantee their pay. That’s roughly one full day of guaranteed pay or two (or more) part-time days; depending on the number of hours you work. Already a Solo member as of September 7th? You’ll receive an email with additional information on your credits through the end of the year.

To guarantee additional days, you can purchase credits for $.25/hr or about $2 for an average full-time day of eight hours. If you purchase credits in bulk, you’ll get a discount on those credits to use! To start, you can buy 40 credits for $7.99 (a 20% discount!) or 80 credits for $14.99 (a 25% discount!).

How do you use your credits to guarantee your pay? After setting your schedule, you’ll be taken to the “My Schedule” tab. You’ll see your predicted earnings along with your schedule for that day. Right underneath that expected amount, you’ll see a nice big green button that says “Guarantee Now.” By pressing this button you can lock in that predicted amount* for your work day and deduct the corresponding number of credits from your account.

That’s it! Now you know your optimal work schedule and you’ve guaranteed how much you’ll make. But what if you make more? You get all the upside. Head out there and work with confidence that you’re on the highest paying job in your area and that you know what you’ll take home at the end of the day.

What’s coming next?

At Solo, we’re always working to put more money in your pocket by improving your experience with our product. Next, we’ll be rolling out prediction boosters for the busiest times to work, the ability to review past schedules, and analytics to show you how efficient you were relative to your work schedule.

Millions of dollars in worker earnings optimized and guaranteed

Already using Solo’s Smart Schedule? Thanks so much for being a Solopreneur. New and ready to get started? Download the app on the Google Play Store or App Store today to start making more today.

*Guaranteeing your pay is subject to eligibility requirements. You can find eligibility requirements here.