In the dynamic landscape of the gig economy, everyone finds themselves seeking additional avenues to enhance their earnings. For anyone with a dash-cam, Navigate can be a game-changing solution. It is a crowdsourced map of the Earth that allows anyone to discover more about the places around them, all created and maintained by contributors who get rewarded for each upload. Solo’s excited to partner with Navigate to bring workers new ways to earn and be rewarded while on the job. 

Navigate understands that most workers in the gig-economy are already driving.  For rideshare drivers and folks commuting to and from gigs, Navigate offers a way for workers to supplement their earnings by uploading street-level photos to the map during their rides. The company aims to empower drivers by tapping into the data they naturally collect while on the road, similar to the Waze app, but instead of taking data for free, Navigate rewards users for contributing to the platform.

Drivers can capture street-level imagery using devices they already own, such as smartphones and dash cameras, and contribute to the creation of detailed maps of the world. This data contribution doesn't just benefit the platform—it offers drivers the chance to earn rewards known as NVG8 Tokens, which can be used to redeem gift cards from hundreds of brands within the Navigate Marketplace.

Ready to Get Started?

Joining Navigate and contributing imagery is easy. Visit the Navigate website, click "Sign Up" to create a new account. Once your Navigate account is set up and you are ready to contribute, click on the "Upload Street-Level Imagery" in the dashboard. After your data has been uploaded and approved, you can see the tokens you earned in your account and visit the Navigate Marketplace to redeem gift cards from your favorite brands, including Chevron, Airbnb, Wayfair, and more. 

What’s the best part? Navigate believes exploring and contributing shouldn’t be expensive! That’s why anyone can contribute to Navigate and capture imagery with devices they already own — no need to buy a fancy new device that only works with the Navigate platform. If you have a smartphone or dashcam, you can start contributing today. 

Navigate Maps enables everyone to share their view of the world each time they step outside. By crowdsourcing fresh map data from drivers all over the world, Navigate Maps allows anyone to see the world through the lens of those who travel across it every day.