In the gig-economy, vehicle maintenance is a top priority for workers to stay actively earning, but it can be hard to know exactly how much to budget for an unexpected service. That’s why Solo partnered with Treads — a vehicle subscription service that covers end-to-end maintenance for a low monthly fee. Gone are the days of feeling uneasy about planning  for future vehicle expenses. With Treads, you’ll always be covered so you’re always road-ready.  

What is Treads?

Treads is redefining vehicle maintenance and the tire purchasing process with its innovative monthly subscription. With a focus on holistic vehicle care, Treads covers all your vehicle needs including new tire replacements, tire repairs, full roadside assistance, mobile tire installations and rotations and more. 

The best part? No hidden fees or added costs. Simply choose the tires and subscription tier that works best for you and you’ll always know exactly how much to budget to keep your car safely on the road with complete peace of mind. 

Solo x Treads Partnership

Treads’ proactive approach and commitment to providing streamlined, affordable car maintenance aligns well with Solo’s mission as we continue to carve out new ways to help workers maximize their job opportunities and earnings potential. Together, Solo and Treads can continue to pave the way towards peak financial performance through predictable costs and vehicle reliability. 

Solopreneurs: Get $25 When You Subscribe

Signing up with Treads is fast and simple — 

  • Download the Treads mobile app and connect your vehicle
  • Choose the tires and subscription package that works best for you. 
  • Use code SoloVIP to redeem your $25. 
  • Schedule your mobile install and enjoy holistic, convenient vehicle care. 

Interested in learning more? Visit Treads website for more information.