Curious as to how many Uber trips you’ve completed? How high your average hourly rate is? You can find out with Solo! We partnered with our friends The Rideshare Guy to judge a nationwide Uber competition to see which drivers have completed the most rides ever, earned the most, and who the most efficient earner of all time is (by hourly rate with a minimum 1k trips)! With thousands of Uber drivers in the running and a grand prize of $250 in each respective category, we were blown away by the final standings—scroll to see what the winning stats were.

How does Solo Judge?

We played scorekeeper for this competition since the Solo app shows users high-level and granular by-platform data when they link their gig work accounts. When users link their Uber account in the Solo app they are sharing their past and ongoing work data with us, which enables them to access personal income insights, automated mileage tracking, and optimized schedules for their jobs and city. Because this information is pulled directly from their Uber driver accounts, we can accurately and objectively determine results.

Any Solopreneur that linked their Uber accounts in the Solo app before 11:59 pm PT on May 31st was in the running for the $250 prize money in each category. As with Rideshare Guy’s previous Beat Sergio contests, a user can only win one of the three categories. If a user is the winner of two or more of the above categories, the runner-up in the alternative category received the reward. 

Now for the moment, you’ve been waiting for—the winners in each category

Most Efficient Uber Earner of All Time

Calculated by the sum of all earnings across base rates, tips, bonuses & incentives divided by the sum of all time on a trip (from request to drop off, not including online time).

Most Completed Uber Trips of All Time 

Calculated by the Sum of all completed trips across all category types — uberX, uberXL, Comfort, Uber Green, Uber Pet, Uber Black, SUV, LUX, Taxi, WAV, and any other.

Top Total Uber Earnings of All Time

Calculated by the sum of all earnings across base rates, tips, bonuses, and incentives

Congrats to the winning Solopreneurs! We can’t wait to host more driver competitions in the future—download the Solo app and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to stay up-to-date on current Solo events and news!