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Earn cash bonuses for referring others to Solo!

Solo's referral program gives you the opportunity to earn rewards by simply helping your fellow Solopreneurs join the community.

Read below to learn about the new ways you can earn more this month by referring others to Solo!

Refer and earn up to $20!

In the month of July you and your friend(s) can earn $15 each for your first ten referrals!

Seattle · Miami · Orlando · Tampa · Nashville · Atlanta · Houston · Dallas · San Antonio · Austin

For every referral past 10 in the month of July you'll receive an extra $5 ($20 for you, $15 for them).

To be eligible, referrals must:

1) Download the Solo app
2) Create a Solo account
3) Connect at least one gig platform with activities

🏆 Top referrer bonuses

We are adding new monthly incentives for Solo's top referrers. The winners of both bonuses will be announced and paid on August 1st, 2022.

Solo's top referrer of new users who work in any of the key metros listed here will receive a $100 bonus at the end of the month
Solo's top referrer overall for the month of July will receive an additional $100

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer someone?

After downloading the Solo app and linking your active gig work account(s) follow these steps to refer a friend:

1) Tap the three lines in top lefthand corner of the app
2) Tap 'invite'
3) Copy your unique referral link
4) Share your link far and wide!

Once the person you referred downloads the Solo app and links their active gig account(s), you will both be paid following the referral payout schedule (see below)!

What's is the July referral bonus?

For your first 10 referrals you and your friend(s) will both earn $15 when they download Solo and link their active gig work account(s)! For every referral past 10 in the month of July you'll receive an extra $5 ($20 for you, $15 for them). Connected accounts must have a minimum of one previous job, be using the latest version of the app, and have a connected payout method (Venmo or Paypal) to qualify.

I referred a friend and they linked their accounts, when will I get paid?

Referral bonuses will be processed every Tuesday for the previous week (Monday-Sunday). As long as both parties have their Venmo or Paypal connected to their Solo Wallet, we will send the corresponding amount as soon as we verify both users have linked their active gig work accounts. Referral amounts are subject to change depending on your city.

Is there a way to track my referrals?

Currently, there is no way for users to track the status of their referral links in the app. However, we’re working on adding this to the app in the future. If you have any questions about referrals, please contact us at